Monday, June 29, 2009

The Most Dangerous Man On Earth

I remain puzzled at the "rock star" status enjoyed by Mr. Obama.
It appears millions, if not billions, of foreigners believe he will put an end to ugly, evil American capitalist imperialsm and bring peace and prosperity to the entire globe.


For better or worth, the US economy still drives the world economy. If Mr. Obama wrecks the US, the world will go down with us. The difficulty is that Mr. Obama does not understand that printing money, all by itself, does not create wealth. Neither does he grasp that there is no one to bail out Uncle Sam. BO is a Chicago hack, accustomed to looking to Springfield or DC for extra money. But now he's running DC. There is no one "upstream" to hand over wads of cash.

Again, for better or worth, the US has the single largest military apparatus in the world. That should concern everyone who living outside the US. A bit of history. When the Romans needed a reliable supply of corn to feed the commoners of Rome, they seized Egypt. What does a Chicago thug do when he discovers that no one will GIVE him what he wants or needs to support his lifestyle?

All hail Barry Augustus!

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